Pipes and Plumbing

You may be surprised if you wake up one day to find that your basement is flooded or to find that something is wrong with the water pressure while going for a shower in the morning. If this is not enough, you could find that the sewage line is backed up just when you need it most. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It seems that your boiler has a life of its own and wants to harass you by not supplying hot water, especially during the chilly winter season. The fault could be either due to a malfunctioning boiler or due to heat dissipating due to faulty insulation on the pipe connecting the boiler to the shower and other water outlets in your bathroom. It could also be due to faulty pipes. Whatever the issue you should always contact a qualified plumber and ask them to fix the issues.

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Dangerous gas in the kitchen

A leaking gas pipe can be extremely dangerous and the gas released and accumulates in the kitchen remaining there. A small spark, as the one generated when you turn on a switch, can cause this gas to catch fire and explode, causing extreme damage to the kitchen, and might even result in your death. If you are considering installing a new cooker yourself (something which is not recommended), chances are that you may purchase an ordinary pipe, like those used for plumbing purposes for the gas supply. You should remember that your gas company supplies gas at an extremely high pressure. You need to purchase special pipes that can withstand this pressure. You should also know that these pipes have reverse threads. This means that you have to turn the wrench counter clockwise while applying joints to such pipes.

Help... the water is not draining

Are you worried because the water is not draining properly from the sink and bathtub or if the flow of water from the showerhead decreases to a trickle? Chances are bright that the water outlet of your bathtub or sink is clogged with hair, foreign materials, and dirt. When this happens, water will take a long time to drain. This problem also occurs due to jamming of the water outlet pipe. Showerheads clogged with mineral deposits, block its pores, decreasing the force of the water emitting from it. You can use over the counter products to unclog the water outlets and clean the pores of the showerhead, but this is a temporary solution. High quality residential plumbing products are made of metals, coated with a slippery compound on their interior. This prevents clogging to a great extent.

Choked taps

By the way, mineral deposits also cause mayhem when they form a residue inside the tap. Apart from blocking free flow of water, it damages the parts of the tap, damaging it beyond recovery. You will not face such problems when you purchase a tap manufactured by a reputable company. No doubt, you will have to pay more for quality plumbing products. However, you will end up being the winner in the long run. Ensure that your boiler supplies warm water during the winter season by purchasing the best plumbing products.